Utah Alcohol Certification Course


Course Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully! Failure to follow them may result in denial of your alcohol certification card. Updated for 2024 year.

1.  You must read through all Modules in sequential order. The course will not permit you to skip Modules. After you complete a Module, you may go back and review it.

2. You must spend the appropriate amount of time interacting with the course - a total of 3 hours. The course forces you to remain on each individual page for 10 seconds.

3. After completing the course, you must take a comprehensive final exam. The exam can be taken online via this web site.  A passing score of 75% is required. 

4. Upon passing your exam online, you will be prompted to print your Alcohol Certification Card. The card is valid immediately and we will report you as 'completed' to the state of Utah. If you do not have a printer, we can fax or mail you a card.

5. You should always push the red "save location & logout" button on the first page of each Module.  This will ensure your location is saved in case of a power failure or computer crash. We keep logs of everything you do on the course and you never lose any completed work.


Your activity within the course is logged. This includes your IP address.  This course is Copyrighted 2024 and is the intellectual property of the Ace Bartending Academy; duplication is prohibited.